New Textbooks by Mr. Ken Mizusawa

New Textbooks by Mr. Ken Mizusawa

Monday, 10 September 2018

ELL is pleased to announce the publication of 2 new textbooks by Mr Ken Mizusawa.

Ken Mizusawa Books

About the book "Mastering Visual Literacy"

Designed as a complementary course of study for English Language students at either the lower or upper secondary level, Mastering Visual Literacy introduces students to the world of visual media and its many possibilities for the classroom. The activities have been carefully designed to provide challenging, yet engaging and varied learning experiences to stimulate thinking, develop confidence, and encourage collaboration with peers. They systematically leverage on students’ existing personal connections to visual media to foster greater understanding via reading and viewing comprehension questions, situational writing tasks, graphic organisers, critical discussions and the like.

About the Book "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed"
This is an anthology of Singapore plays designed officially for the lower secondary classroom in collaboration with the Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Education. Comprising three carefully selected plays by three of Singapore’s most prolific and established playwrights, the anthology seeks to introduce students to the world of local drama. To ensure a challenging and engaging course of study, the anthology comes with comprehensive introductions, full annotations and range of questions and prompts to guide a critical analysis of each and every play as works of literature and theatre.