Assoc Prof Ng Pak Tee Delivers Keynote Address at Google Symposium

Assoc Prof Ng Pak Tee Delivers Keynote Address at Google Symposium

Wednesday, 01 November 2017

Prof Ng_google symposium

Photo credit:
Katie Mulligan, Google for Education

Associate Professor Ng Pak Tee, Associate Dean for Leadership Learning, NIE, delivered a keynote address at Google’s invitation-only Global Education Symposium on 1–2 November 2017. The 5th annual thought leadership event was held at Google Headquarters, Mountain View, California, USA, where Google hosted education leaders from all over the world.

Drawing learning points from his recent book, Learning from Singapore: The Power of Paradoxes, A/P Ng shared his perspectives on Singapore’s education success in his keynote address entitled “Embracing the Paradoxes of Change”. His address outlines four paradoxes that contributed to the success of Singapore’s education system: timely change and timeless constants; centralisation and decentralisation; meritocracy and compassion; and teaching less and learning more.

Reflecting on A/P Ng’s speech, Katie Mulligan (Google for Education), said, "Pak Tee delivered an inspirational and dynamic keynote that received the highest rating at the Global Education Symposium. He was insightful, humorous and relatable – an incredible asset to the event."