NIE Academic Lauded for Outstanding Achievements and Continual Contributions in Research

NIE Academic Lauded for Outstanding Achievements and Continual Contributions in Research

Thursday, 21 November 2013

NIE congratulates Assistant Professor Ho Li-Ching from the Humanities and Social Studies Education Academic Group who had received the 2013 CUFA Early Career Award given by the College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA) of the National Council of Social Studies (NCSS), the main international professional organisation for social studies academics and educators. Asst Prof Ho received the award on 21 November 2013 at the CUFA-NCSS Annual Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

Selected as this year’s honoree, the review committee stated that Asst Prof Ho already has a truly impressive portfolio, representing a collaborative, rich and well-established research agenda. Since receiving her doctorate from Teachers College in 2008, she has published 13 refereed journal articles, some of them in journals such as “Teachers College Record”, the “Journal of Curriculum Studies, Teaching and Teacher Education, and Theory and Research in Social Education”, each of them the top journal in their field.

The review committee also cited that Asst Prof Ho’s robust research on 1) how adolescents from diverse socio-economic, academic, and racial backgrounds position themselves as citizens within different national contexts, and; 2) on the social forces that frame the instruction of controversial issues in societies marked by constraining climates, has already made major contributions to the social studies research base, as well as helped make some curricular changes in the social studies curriculum in Singapore. In both areas, as the nominating letter by Dr. Patricia Avery of the University of Minnesota states, “Asst Prof Ho focuses on concepts and issues at the core of social education: democracy, diversity, citizenship, and human rights; the role of schools as institutions complicit in perpetuating inequality; and the role of teachers as “gatekeepers.”

Associate Professor Avner Segall, Michigan State University’s Acting Chair of Teacher Education from the review committee, noted that Asst Prof Ho’s theoretical groundings, methodologies, and analyses demonstrate a high level of sophistication. She is already doing outstanding work and her strong trajectory promises to continue. As her nominating letter suggests, and as the review committee concurred, taken together, Asst Prof Ho’s “work has coherence, depth, and significance that is rare for scholars at this stage of their careers.”