NIE and IDA Provide New Inspiration for Enhancing Collaborative Learning Anytime Anywhere Powered by Technology

NIE and IDA Provide New Inspiration for Enhancing Collaborative Learning Anytime Anywhere Powered by Technology

Friday, 17 February 2012

Educators and students will now be able to experience how emerging technologies can be harnessed to improve teaching and learning at the revamped Classroom of the Future (COTF) showcase. COTF 3.0 is a collaboration between the National Institute of Education (NIE) and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).

The showcase theme “Seamless Education, Global Classroom” uses global climate change as a focal point to illustrate the application of four infocomm technology-enabled learning scenarios. These scenarios and simulations feature how teachers and students leverage infocomm technology to meet new education challenges in an increasingly connected world through international collaborations to understand global issues.

The Classroom of the Future exhibit was developed as a reference site to showcase Singapore’s capabilities and expertise as a leading R&D facility in infocomm technologies. The exhibits were also designed to be a beacon of inspiration for both educators and policy makers to consider possibilities in enhancing student experiences both within and outside the classroom. It also served as a platform for educators and industry to dialog and innovate on cutting edge solutions.  Previously, COTF had successfully promoted a tablet solution developed by HeuLab for classroom management and it has been used by more than 20 schools.  Earlier versions of COTF had attracted about 20,000 local and overseas visitors.

With ever-increasing connectivity, COTF underscores the significant impact learning outside the classroom can play. The exhibits illustrate a seamless learning environment in the home, café, laboratory and classroom where Personal Learning Devices are integrated with other technologies like smart surfaces to extend the learning space beyond the classroom. In this manner, students can freely share data and reports by projecting documents and images onto walls and tables in various locations. These documents can then be collaboratively organised and edited with overseas project teammates in a group learning environment. The collaboration is also extended to virtual consultations with industry subject experts for students to validate research data and solve real world problems.

The ongoing information explosion of the 21st century requires our students to be adept at using and producing information.  In one of the learning scenarios where the students collect data, news articles and images from various sources, the collation of information is aided by semantic analysis to help make sense of the information and assemble them based on their relevance to the topic. Students can then use the information that has been presented in a meaningful way and focus on analysing and solving the problem tasks.

Immersive technology is also featured in the COTF3.0 to demonstrate its use to make learning of complex issues come alive for the students.  Students gather at a climate simulation laboratory where they are challenged to think critically as they take on various roles to solve energy supply and climate warming issues. They will then be transported to various future scenarios to experience the impact of their decisions in a visual and realistic manner, hence deepening their understanding and heightening the need to think critically and work collaboratively.

COTF 3.0 will be open to educators, students and industry partners from 27 February 2012.

The COTF3.0 is co-funded by NIE, IDA and industry partners, namely National Computer Systems Pte Ltd (NCS), Microsoft Singapore Pte Ltd, Samsung Singapore Pte Ltd, Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Acer Computer Singapore, Rockmoon and NuLight Consultancy.


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