NIE Celebrates Graduation of Teacher Leaders - Management and Leadership in Schools Graduation Ceremony February 2011

NIE Celebrates Graduation of Teacher Leaders - Management and Leadership in Schools Graduation Ceremony February 2011

Thursday, 24 February 2011

One team re-designed the curriculum of a programme meant for High Ability pupils in Xingnan Primary School to maximize their potential/ability. Another team sought to stimulate Hua Yi Secondary School students’ interest in learning Chinese by engaging them in situated learning settings or scenarios and tapping on ICT to improve students’ oral skills and enrich their experiences.

These are some of the projects carried out by participants of the Management and Leadership in Schools (MLS) based on the schools’ unique requirements. With the emphasis on learner-centreness, schools are increasingly tailoring programmes to meet the specific needs of their students and nurture them into 21st century learners.

Mr Chan Kok Tung Tom, Valedictorian for this cohort of MLS participants, said, “In our role as leaders, we inevitably face considerable demands at a time of vast change. The MLS has helped us become more equipped and enabled us to meet those demands.”

Professor Lee Sing Kong, Director, NIE said, “NIE’s ‘Teacher Education for the 21st Century’ Model, or TE21, aims to equip our MLS participants with the skills and knowledge to meet these challenges and prepare them for leadership roles. As teacher leaders, they will in turn help their teachers to become 21st century educators.”

A total of 140 teachers will receive their Management and Leadership in Schools (MLS) certificates on Thursday, 24 February 2011 at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore. Gracing the ceremony is Mr Wong Siew Hoong, Director of Schools, Ministry of Education.

The MLS is a four-month programme that prepares middle-level leaders in schools to be exemplary leaders, people managers, and experts in teaching and learning. Managed by NIE's Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning, the MLS aims to facilitate the participants in creating new knowledge in generative and collaborative learning; develop higher leadership competence among them; and enhance their capacity to lead change in curriculum, teaching and learning. Upon completion of the programme, the graduands will be ready to lead initiatives in their area of responsibility and take their schools to new levels of achievement.

Please refer to Annexes A, B, C, for the programme, list of MLS award winners and synopses of Outstanding MLS Curriculum Projects respectively.