NIE Hosts Visit by Brunei Ministry of Education

NIE Hosts Visit by Brunei Ministry of Education

Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Brunei Ministry of Education’s Department of Planning, Development and Research (DPDR) visited NIE on 17 August 2016. The delegation was headed by Dr Naasirah Abdullah, Head of Research Section, DPDR, Brunei MOE and she was accompanied by Ms Rohaida Ramli, Special Duties Officer of the Planning Section.

The Office of Education Research provided a briefing for the delegation with an introduction to OER and its Research Centres. Representatives from the Centre for Research in Pedagogy & Practice (CRPP), Education and Cognitive Development Lab (ECDL) and Learning Sciences Lab (LSL) met with the delegates to discuss ongoing research projects from each centre and on their school partnerships.

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The briefing on CRPP was delivered by Dr Tan Liang See, Head of CRPP and Assistant Dean (School Partnerships), who provided an overview of the centre. Dr Wong Hwei Ming, Research Scientist at CRPP and Dr Kenneth Lim, also a Research Scientist at CRPP, shared signature projects of CRPP. Prof Looi Chee Kit, Head of LSL and Dr Wong Lung Hsiang, Senior Research Scientist at LSL, gave a presentation on signature projects of LSL while A/P Kerry Lee, Head of ECDL, briefed the delegation on ECDL’s activities. 

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The visit concluded with an informal discussion of both countries’ experiences and expertise in the area of education and research.

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