NIE Library's Latest Feature Goes 3-D

NIE Library's Latest Feature Goes 3-D

Monday, 25 August 2014

A new hang-out called The Makerspace located at NIE Library’s Collaborative Space on level three is drawing crowds to its key feature, a three-dimensional printing facility.

Since the end of January 2014, The Makerspace has been open to users who wish to rapidly prototype their ideas with a 3D printer. A printed sample also allows users to evaluate aspects such as aesthetics and ergonomics. There are two D-I-Y projects made available for users to build their own bristle bot and rubber band aircraft to learn about electronics and aerodynamics experientially as well. The aim is to perhaps inspire users to incorporate electrical and mechanical parts in their designs.

Collaborating with the Translation and Development Unit (TDU), the NIE Library provides the footfall while TDU offers hands-on project ideas. There are plans to showcase projects similar to those being done in schools so that our student teachers are kept updated. Currently, TDU is working with seven secondary schools in creating a Makerspace in schools as well as exploring the use of 3D modelling and printing as part of the design process in the lower secondary Design and Technology (D&T) curriculum.

The Makerspace aspires to build a community where members share and collaborate to bring ideas to fruition. Look out for the NIE News publication in September 2014 for more details about the feature or drop by The Makerspace at the library to embark on a 3D discovery of your own.

For more information about the Makerspace, please visit our library blog