NIE-SNU Joint Symposium

NIE-SNU Joint Symposium

Thursday, 22 February 2018

The National Institute of Education (NIE) co-organized a symposium in collaboration with Seoul National University (SNU) on 9th February 2018. 


Dr Dennis Kwek giving the opening presentation

The symposium was themed “Building Bridges: Fostering International Research Collaboration in Education”.NIE and SNU faculty presented their respective research studies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and global citizenship education.

The speakers and their presentation titles are as follows:

  • Prof Jinwoong Song and Dr Jisun Park – “A Comparative Study of Science Classroom Culture in Korea, Singapore and England by using Latent Profile Analysis (LPA)”
  • A/P Lee Yew Jin – “Science Teaching in Singapore: Educational Connoisseurship of Ten Classrooms in Primary Science and Physics”
  • Dr Kenneth Lim – “Multidisciplinary Collaborative Learning Environments and Learner Intuitions on Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)”
  • Ast/P Suzanne Choo – “Re-framing Twenty-first Century Education from a Cosmopolitan Lens”
  • Prof Kyung Hwan Mo – “Global Citizenship Education in the Korean Social Studies Curriculum”
  • Prof HeeMin Kim – “The Corruption Scandal and Implications for Political Education in Korea”
  • Ast/P Jennifer Yeo – “Towards a Framework of Constructing Scientific Explanation in Physics
  • Prof Junehee Yoo – “Using Augmented Reality in Physics Education” 

Prof Jinwoong Song and Dr Jisun Park giving their presentation

4A/P Lee Yew Jin giving his presentation

Ast/P Suzanne Choo delivering her presentation

6Prof Junehee Yoo giving her presentation

Following the presentations, researchers from NIE and SNU engaged in discussions on the parallels between Singapore and South Korea in STEM education and global citizenship education as well as possible research collaborations between the two institutions.

Representatives from both institutions had a very engaging discussion and found this opportunity to be a great learning session from each other.  

Group photo