#NIESuperMum Feature - Awesome Grandmother

#NIESuperMum Feature - Awesome Grandmother

Friday, 12 May 2017


About Her 

I am Irene Teo, Senior Executive from Public, International and Alumni Relations Department. My hubby and I have two married daughters and a grandson from my elder daughter. Thus there are 7 of us and two pet dogs in the entire family!

How did entering motherhood / grand-motherhood change your life?
I look forward to going home each evening to see the smile and gurgling when my grandson was younger.

After he turned one, I find that he is absorbing so much and learning new things by the day. He is on a discovering journey and so am I, discovering with amazement at the things that he learnt just by watching!


How do you manage to juggle between work and spending quality time with your family? 

I am blessed that my husband is retired and he is a very handy person at home. He helped out a great deal including looking after our grandson before he started going to play school.

He does what he does best at, which is cooking for the family and we are grateful for ready dinner each evening! I helped out with other household chores and basically, ironing and some cleaning are my forte. 

What’s the biggest joy of being grandma?

The warmth and joy of his welcome when he runs into my open arms each evening when I get home! That is real HAPPINESS and a JOY FOREVER!

What was your best bit of grandma advice?
Enjoy every moment of it as they grow up too quickly!

I had good times with my two daughters when they were young too but I think being a grandmother now gives me the privilege to “spoil” him albeit being “chided” for doing so by my children.

If I could describe my family in one word, it would be…

Being a mum is … 
a lifetime job commitment that comes with challenges along the way, especially if you are a working mum. Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile “struggle” as the warm moments of family togetherness is happiness beyond compare!


Chit-Chat with Agnes...




Give a short introduction about your mum and describe your relationship with her. 
My mum is a gentle, compassionate and self-giving person who has tirelessly devoted her time and energies to her family. My relationship with my mum has always been very close since young. Even when I was studying abroad for my degree and Masters, I had phone conversations with her once every two days!

Describe something memorable that your mum did for you/the family. 
One thing that I will always remember that my mum did for me when I was young is that she painstakingly taught me mandarin, from a book she bought, when she herself is not even versed in the Chinese language herself! It shows her love for her daughters, and her determination despite (I can imagine) how difficult it is!

How has your mum influenced you in terms of your parenting style?
The importance of teaching the proper/correct moral values to the children. That’s more important than drilling the times tables or the ABCs into the kids. 

If I could describe my mum in one word, it would be…

If there’s one thing you would like to thank your mum for, it would be…for devoting her time and energy to the family, and showing that it’s possible to balance a beautiful, close-knit family with work commitments.