OER co-organizes Roundtable on Reading and Equity: Reading, Poverty, and What Schools Can(‘t) Do about it

OER co-organizes Roundtable on Reading and Equity: Reading, Poverty, and What Schools Can(‘t) Do about it

Monday, 30 October 2017

The Office of Education Research (OER), in collaboration with the Building a Reading Culture Project (BRC) team, held a roundtable on reading and equity at the Bishan Community Library on 22th September 2017. 


The aim of the roundtable was to showcase project findings that demonstrate the link between reading and poverty and generate discussions about what schools and the community can do to nurture students’ interest and proficiency in reading. 

Loh Chin Ee

Ast/P Loh opening the session

Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator Loh Chin Ee began the session by presenting the findings of her research project, a summary of which can be found in this Opinion piece.  


Mr Charles Peters taking a question from a member of the audience

Lady Speaker

Ms Raihana Hussain presenting on NLB’s work to promote reading 

Mr Charles Peters, Assistant Director and Senior Specialist at the STELLAR centre, then spoke about what primary schools are doing to help low proficiency readers. Ms. Raihana Hussain, Senior Librarian at the National Library Board (NLB), later presented on the work that NLB is doing with schools to nurture students’ interest in reading.  

3rd Speaker

Associate Professor Sue Nichols sharing on community efforts to promote literacy development

Finally, Associate Professor and Associate Head of Research Sue Nichols at the University of Southern Australia, School of Education shared on her work with the community in Southern Australia to provide insights into how to engage families in literacy learning and development.

First Discussion
2nd Discussion

Participants engaged in a discussion 

The roundtable was attended by various stakeholders, including representatives from the Ministry of Education, National Library Board, Design Council Singapore, National Institute of Education and various school leaders and educators. 

Group Photo

Group photo

The project team would like to thank the National Library Board for sponsoring the venue for the roundtable.

You may view the video recordings of the talks below: