OER Hosts Dr Rena Subotnik

OER Hosts Dr Rena Subotnik

Monday, 10 July 2017

The Office of Education Research (OER) hosted Dr Rena Subotnik, Director of the American Psychological Association (APA) Center for Psychology in Schools and Education, from 3 to 6 Jul 2017. Dr Subotnik’s research expertise lies in creativity, innovation and talent development.

During her visit, Dr Subotnik presented at two OER-organised seminars. 

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Dr Subotnik speaking at the first seminar

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Attendees listening to Dr Subotnik’s presentation

The first seminar, titled “Enhancing Creative Productivity: A Developmental, Domain Specific Approach”, centered on the role of talent development in fostering creative ability. Dr Subotnik shared on the importance of providing individuals with opportunities to develop talent in specific domains and the role of psychosocial skills (e.g., persistence, the ability to focus and teamwork) in talent development. She also highlighted that factors such as physical maturation can determine the age at which an individual specializes in a specific talent domain.

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Dr Subotnik giving her second seminar

Attendees listening to Dr Subotnik’s presentation

The second seminar, titled “Inhibitors and Enhancers of Creative Risk Taking”, explored the factors that might encourage or prevent an individual from exercising his/her creativity. Dr Subotnik reiterated the importance of psychosocial skills in enabling individuals to develop their talents optimally and emphasised the role of educators in nurturing the creative potential of students. She also highlighted that coaching students to deal with adversity can help to alleviate fears associated with taking risks, which would ultimately strengthen their creative ability.   

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Dr Subtonik with NIE researchers

In-between presenting at OER-organised seminars, Dr Subotnik visited two secondary schools and participated in dialogue sessions with NIE researchers. She also had opportunities to engage with educational policymakers in Singapore. 

To watch the Seminar given by Dr Subotnik, see below: