OER Hosts Learning Analytics Researchers

OER Hosts Learning Analytics Researchers

Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Office of Education Research had the privilege of hosting executive committee members from the Society of Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) on 10 May 2018.  

 As part of their visit, they conducted a seminar on “Beyond the Observable with Learning Analytics: Advanced Methods for Understanding Learning in Formal and Informal Settings”.

Audience listening to the presentations

The first presenter Dr Vitomir Kovanic (Research Fellow and Data Scientist at the University of South Australia) introduced how automatic analysis can provide instructors and students timely and actionable feedback. The feedback gathered are useful for the advancement of practice and theory of online learning.

Dr Vitomir Kovanic   

Dr Srecko Joksimovic (Research Fellow and Data Scientist at the University of South Australia) and Dr Oleksandra Poquet (Postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Application of Learning Sciences and Technology, National University of Singapore) gave insightful presentations on how Learning Analytics can be applied in informal and formal learning settings. 


Dr Srecko Joksimovic

Dr Oleksandra Poquet

The seminar was shortly followed up with a workshop titled “Network-based Perspective to Studying Collaborative Learning”. Participants got the chance for a hands-on experience of the Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Epistemic Network Analysis (ENA) systems during the session. They also had the chance to interact with the speakers and shared about the challenges they face when adopting learning analytics for their work.

Workshop participants

Group photo