OER hosts Professor Michael Schratz

OER hosts Professor Michael Schratz

Thursday, 27 September 2018

The Office of Education Research (OER) hosted Prof Michael Schratz from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, from 10 to 12 September 2018.

Prof Schratz speaking at the seminar on leadership development

As part of his visit, Prof Schratz spoke at a seminar titled Leading Towards the Emerging Future in a Rapidly Changing World: Leadership Development as Transformative Journey.

Prof Schratz giving his presentation

During this talk, Prof Schratz emphasized the need for leaders to reflect on past experiences and embrace current changes with a fresh perspective in today’s age of disruption and shared on the challenges that the Austrian school leaders have faced. A total of 40 education researchers and school leaders attended the seminar.

The ideas that were raised during this seminar were later discussed at a book symposium on Principals and Principles: The Making of School Leaders in Singapore held in the afternoon, where Prof Schratz served as discussant.

Assoc Prof Jude Chua giving the opening remarks to the book symposium

The author of the book, Senior Teaching Fellow Dr Zoe Boon from NIE’s Policy and Leadership Studies Academic Group (PLS AG), gave a presentation discussing the ideas from her book during the symposium, which was led by Assoc Prof Jude Chua (Head, PLS AG, NIE). Together with Prof Schratz, PLS AG faculty Assoc Prof Ng Pak Tee served as the other discussant.

Prof Schratz speaking at the book symposium

From left to right: Assoc Prof Jude Chua, Prof Schratz, Dr Zoe Boon, Assoc Prof Ng Pak Tee