OER Hosts Three Renowned Professors in Neuroscience

OER Hosts Three Renowned Professors in Neuroscience

Tuesday, 06 December 2016

From 8th to 10th November, the Office of Education Research (OER) hosted three distinguished professors in neuroscience. They were Prof Kim Sung-il from Korea University, Prof Roi Cohen-Kadosh from Oxford University and Prof Andrew Tolmie from the Institute of Education, University College London.

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First symposium: Neuroscience and Learning: Translation, Application and Practice

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Second symposium: Educational Neuroscience: Its Application, Impact and in the Classroom

As part of their visit, the professors presented at two OER-organised symposiums on educational neuroscience, an emerging discipline that lies at the intersection of education and cognitive psychology. 

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The three professors sharing their research into educational neuroscience


The first symposium, titled “Neuroscience and Learning: Translation, Application and Practice”, centered on the utility of neuroscience research in explaining differences in learning processes and outcomes among individuals. The second symposium, titled “Educational Neuroscience: Its Application, Impact and Implications in the Classroom”, focused on the prospect of applying neuroscience research findings to the design of teaching and learning practices. 

The three professors shared on their respective research into educational neuroscience with reference to science and numeracy learning and motivation. They highlighted the potential for this discipline to lead to improved educational practices, and also spoke about the relevance of educational neuroscience to Singapore's classrooms. 

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Participants posing questions to professors during the Q&A session

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The three professors responding to questions posed by participants

NIE researchers and Ministry of Education (MOE) officers who attended the symposiums had the opportunity to discuss the implications of neuroscience research on educational policy and practice with the three professors. Attendees also posed questions regarding the contributions of neuroscience to topics such as bilingualism, language learning and competence, socioemotional development as well as differences between the brains of males and females. 

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Prof Kim, Prof Cohen-Kadosh and Prof Tolmie receiving tokens of appreciation; Group Photo

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