OER Knowledge Bites Vol. 6 is now available online!

OER Knowledge Bites Vol. 6 is now available online!

Thursday, 25 January 2018

The 6th edition of Knowledge Bites, Math Education in Singapore: Where to Next?, is based on a math research sharing seminar that was organised by OER in collaboration with the Academy of Singapore Teachers.

Held on 14 Sep 2017, the seminar sought to generate discussions on the state of mathematics education in Singapore classrooms and how the teaching of mathematics can be transformed to enrich students’ learning.

Read more about the event coverage here: http://www.nie.edu.sg/news-detail/oer-organises-mathematics-education-research-seminar  

OER Knowledge Bites aims to share and discuss education research and issues in the Singapore context. It is also a platform for education researchers to share ideas in a way that is accessible to policymakers, educators and members of the public.