OER organised Science Research Sharing Seminar

OER organised Science Research Sharing Seminar

Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Office of Education Research (OER) held a science research sharing seminar on 21st March 2017, in collaboration with the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST). 

Themed “Science Education in Singapore: Where to Next?”, this seminar sought to generate conversations on the state of science education in Singapore and how pedagogical practices can be transformed to improve students’ reasoning and inquiry skills in the Sciences.  

The seminar attracted a good turnout of approximately 200 participants comprising teachers, subject heads and MOE policymakers.  

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From L to R: Dr Tan Liang See giving the opening address; Audience listening to a presentation

Researchers from OER’s Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP), Learning Sciences Lab (LSL) and NIE’s Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group (NSSE AG) delivered presentations on the role of science education, the challenges facing the future of science education and pedagogies that can enrich students’ learning of the Sciences.  

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Clockwise from left: Dr Dennis Kwek, Ast/P Teo Tang Wee, Dr Seah Lay Hoon and A/P Subramaniam delivering their respective presentations

The speakers and their presentation titles are as follows:

  • Dr Dennis Kwek (Assistant Dean, Research Communications and Research Scientist, CRPP, OER) – CORE Research Programme: Baseline Investigation of Science Pedagogy
  • Dr Teo Tang Wee (Assistant Professor, NSSE AG) – Normal Academic Students’ Science Inference Skills
  • Dr Subramaniam Ramanathan (Associate Professor, NSSE AG) – Students’ Understanding and Views in the Sciences
  • Dr Seah Lay Hoon (Research Scientist, LSL, OER) – Science Reading: The “elephant” in our Science Classrooms?
  • Dr Jennifer Yeo (Assistant Professor, NSSE AG) – Representations in Science Learning
  • Mr Timothy Tan (Lecturer, NSSE AG) – Approaching STEM Integration
  • Dr Michael Tan (Research Scientist, LSL, OER) – Science Education, Innovation and Makerspaces
  • Dr Lee Yew Jin (Associate Professor, NSSE AG) – Knowledge Work 
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Clockwise from left: Ast/P Jennifer Yeo, Mr Timothy Tan, A/P Lee Yew Jin and Dr Michael Tan delivering their respective presentations 

The seminar concluded with a panel discussion moderated by Prof Andrew Brown, a visiting professor at OER, where he spoke about Singapore’s accomplishments in science education and exchanged views with speakers on pedagogies that can increase students’ motivation in science learning. 

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Panel discussion moderated by Prof Andrew Brown and speakers responding to questions posed by Prof Brown

Group photo