OER Organizes 17th Request for Proposal (RFP) Ideation Session

OER Organizes 17th Request for Proposal (RFP) Ideation Session

Thursday, 03 November 2016

To continue with efforts on building collaborative dialogue and sharing between NIE researchers and stakeholders from the Ministry of Education (MOE) and schools, an ideation session for the 17th RFP was organized by OER on 6 October 2016. Held for the second time (the first was held in May 2016 prior to the 16th RFP), the session was attended by colleagues from the Corporate Research Office of MOE, Programme Director (Research) of English Language Institute of Singapore (ELIS), and principals from Yuhua Secondary School and the School of Science and Technology.   

Comprising breakout sessions (in the areas of Science, Math and Language) for networking and ideation, the dialogues yielded positive outcomes on how teachers can partner with researchers, and how schools can provide the necessary support. This opportunity to “match-make” different stakeholders to leverage strong partnerships was a key objective of the session. Researchers and practitioners alike discussed potential areas of priority to MOE and the researchers.

“I found the session to be really useful as it brought knowledge we already have and made it accessible to all,” shared Ms Ng Sook Kit, Principal of Yuhua Secondary School.

Dr Christopher Ward, Programme Director (Research) at ELIS, echoed the same sentiment: “Today we had the opportunity to share our research needs with the NIE researchers, who in turn shared with us the kinds of research that NIE is doing.”

The session also saw presentations by two renowned researchers in their fields, Associate Professor Rita Silver and Associate Professor Toh Tin Lam from NIE,  who shared their projects on “Reading Discussions and Reading Comprehension: Sustainability in Teacher Development and Opportunities for Student Learning” and “MAthematics is Great: I Can And Like” respectively.  Having had the experience of managing large-scale projects, the sharing offered practical advice for researchers looking to embark on programmatic research. 

DSC_4247 edit
Dr Tan Liang See, Assistant Dean, School Partnerships of OER started the Ideation Session in preparation for the Call for Proposals.

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Associate Professor Rita Silver made a presentation from experience as a Principal Investigator who submitted proposals.

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Colleagues from the Corporate Research Office of MOE in discussion with NIE staff.

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Principals of schools attended the session discussion and provided feedback.