Our CSCL Conference Presentations

Our CSCL Conference Presentations

Monday, 27 June 2011

It is wonderful when our neighbors in Hong Kong host interesting international conferences, but the 2011 Computer Supported Collaborative Learning conference promises to be something special. Learning Sciences Lab is excited to contribute papers and a workshop related to our projects here in Singapore and to attend sessions by colleagues, new and old, flying in from around the world. The following details will lead you to LSL folks at the conference. See you in Hong Kong!

Monday, July 4

Pre-Conference Events 9:00-12:30 RMS206
Pre-Conference Workshop 1
How to integrate CSCL in classroom life: Orchestration
Chee Kit Looi

Wednesday, July 6

Parallel session 1 11:30-13:00 LE3
Long Paper Session 2: Learning Activities And Tools
Analysis of Small Group Interactions in a Seamless Language Learning Environment: An Artifact-Oriented Approach
Lung-Hsiang Wong, Wenli Chen, Ying Zhan

Interactive Events Session 1: Knowledge Building 11:30-13:00 LE1
Getting Started and Sustaining Knowledge Building
Katerine Bielaczyc
Interactive Events Session 2: Technology & Pedagogy Co-Design 11:30-13:00 LE4
Collaborative Virtual Worlds and Productive Failure: Design Research with Multi-disciplinary Pedagogical, Technical and Graphics, and Learning Research Teams
Manu Kapur
Parallel session 3 16:30-18:00
Symposium 1: Knowledge Building LE2
Towards Productive Multivocality in the Analysis of Collaborative Learning
Wenli Chen, Chee Kit Looi
Symposium 3: Learning Interactions 16:30-18:00 LE6
Collaboration as Scaffolding: Learning Together with Dynamic, Interactive Scientific Visualizations and Computer Models
Baohui Zhang, Daner Sun, Karel Mous, Quee Boon Koh
Symposium 4: Technology-Enhanced Interactions & Analysis 16:30-18:00 LE7
Contextualizing the changing face of Scaffolding Research: Are we driving pedagogical theory development or avoiding it?
Chee Kit Looi
Poster Session 1 & Reception 18:00-20:00 LYH
1.17 Design Study On Algebra Reform: A Gensing Project
Sarah Davis, Suzanne Nelson, David Effendi
1.32 Learners' Ideas about Plate Tectonics and Collaborative Game Play
Beaumie Kim, Xueli Wang, Mi Song Kim

Thursday, July 7

Parallel session 4 10:30-12:00 LE2
Long Paper Session 6: Knowledge Building
Location-based Collaborative Learning at a Geography Trail: Examining the Relationship among Task Design, Facilitation and Discourse Types
Esther Tan, Hyo-Jeong So


Long Paper Session 7: Learning Activities and Tools 10:30-12:00 LE3
Improving the mCSCL Approach of a Mobile Chinese Character Forming Game via a Design-based Research Cycle
Lung-Hsiang Wong, Ivicia Boticki, Chee Kit Looi


Long Paper Session 10: Issues In CSCL  10:30-12:00 LE8
Chair: Chee Kit Looi       

Parallel session 5 13:00-14:30
Symposium 9: Issues In CSCL LE7
CSCL and Innovation: In Classrooms, with Teachers, Among School Leaders, In Schools of Education
Chee Kit Looi, Wenli Chen, Anwar Chan


Symposium 11: Knowledge Building 13:00-14:30 LE1 
Strengthening the Conceptual Foundations of Knowledge Building Theory and Pedagogy 
Katerine Bielaczyc


Long Paper Session 14: Technology-Enhanced Interactions & Analysis 14:30-16:00 LE7
A Scaffolded Software Tool for L2 Vocabulary Learning: GroupScribbles with Graphic Organizers
Wenli Chen, Chee Kit Looi, Yun Wen

Interactive Events Session 14: Technology & Pedagogy Co-Design 14:30-16:00 LE4
Design amd Technologies for Supporting Collaborative Learning with Multiple Representations
Manu Kapur

Friday, July 8

Parallel session 7 
Short Paper Session 7: Learning Activities And Tools 10:30-12:00 LE3
Utilizing a collaborative "Cross Number Puzzle" game on Group Scibbles to develop students' computing ability of addition and subtraction
Chee Kit Looi

Short Paper Session 8: Learning Interactions 10:30-12:00 LE6
Chair: Manu Kapur

Short Paper Session 9: Technology-Enhanced Interactions & Analysis 10:30-12:00 LE7
Analysis of Group Understanding in Artefact-Mediated Discourses
Wenli Chen, Chee Kit Looi

Short Paper Session 10: Issues In CSCL 10:30-12:00 LE8
Towards a model for rapid collaborative knowledge improvement in classroom language learning
Yun Wen, Chee Kit Looi, Wenli Chen
Parallel session 8 13:30-15:00
Symposium 12: Knowledge Building LE1
Enhancing the Social and Cognitive Benefits of Digital Tools and Media
Katerine Bielaczyc

The theme for the 2011 Computer Supported Collaborative Learning conference is ‘Connecting computer-supported collaborative learning to policy and practice’. It focuses on examining whether and how CSCL practices can bring deep changes to formal and informal educational practices at all levels, and contribute to education improvement at a system level by informing education policy. To learn more about the conference visit the official website or search the twitter hashtag #CSCL2011.