Our ICLS Conference Presentations 2 - 6 July, 2012 in Sydney

Our ICLS Conference Presentations 2 - 6 July, 2012 in Sydney

Tuesday, 07 August 2012

About the conference
The International Conference of the Learning Sciences is a biennial conference sponsored by the International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS). The conference brings together researchers in the sciences of learning, instruction, and design in order to address questions of how we can better understand and improve learning.  A number of us participated at the conference and here are the details:

The 2012 theme is "the Future of Learning". On its tenth anniversary, ICLS looks to the future. The conference will bring together academics, researchers, professionals, and educators from all over the world to share their experiences, discuss trends, and examine how the learning sciences can and should impact the future of learning.

Where and when
The conference was held from 2 - 6 July, 2012 in the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Sydney, Australia.  The conference hosted workshops, panels, symposia, paper and poster sessions, and keynotes by leaders in the field.  It was an opportunity to share and gain insight into critical debate and new research findings across the various disciplines of the learning sciences.

Wednesday, July 4

Keynote 2 8:30-10:00
Productive Failure
Manu Kapur

Parallel Session 1  10:15-11:45 
Full Paper Session 1.3 NL115
The Impacts of Flexible Grouping in a Mobile-Assisted Game-based Chinese Character Learning Approach
Lung-Hsiang Wong, Ching-Kun Hsu, Jizhen Sun, Ivica Boticki

Parallel Session 2  12:45-14:45
Full Paper Session 2.5 NL107
Examining the Adequacy of Students' Priors and Teacher's Role in Attention to Critical Features in Designing for Productive Failure
Pee Li Leslie Toh, Manu Kapur

Full Paper Session 2.6 NL115
Learning Innovation Diffusion as Complex Adaptive Systems through Model Building, Simulation, Game Play and Reflections
Junsong Huang, Manu Kapur

Parallel Session 3  14:30-16:00
Poster Session 3.3  NL100
Investigating Teacher Change in Creating Classroom Knowledge Building Communities
Katerine Bielaczyc, Sunhee Paik, John Ow

Parallel Session 4  16:30-18:00
Poster Session 4.4 NL100
Metacognizing across self and socio dialectics
Azilawati Jamaludin, David Hung

Short Paper Session 4.4 NL115
Bridging Design and Practice: Towards a Model-based Collaborative Inquiry Science Learning Environment
Daner Sun, Chee-Kit Looi, Baohui Zhang

Short Paper Session 4.5 NL117
Learners as Informants of Educational Game Design
Beaumie Kim, Lynde Tan, Mi Song Kim

Thursday, July 5

Parallel Session 6  12:45-14:15
Full Paper Session 6.16 NL107
Finding Voices and Emerging Agency in Classroom Learning
Tuck Leong Lee, Beaumie Kim, Mi Song Kim, Jason Wen Yau Lee

Parallel Session 7  14:30-16:00
Full Paper Session 7.18 NL107
Exploratory Study on the Physical Tool-based Conceptions of Learning of Young Students in a Technology-Rich Primary School
Lung-Hsiang Wong, Mingfong Jan, Yancy Toh, Ching-Sing Chai