Pregnant Teacher Goes the Distance for Her Students

Pregnant Teacher Goes the Distance for Her Students

Saturday, 14 April 2012

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Sheikha, an NUS graduate, first joined VS in 2002 as a contract teacher, before attending NIE the following year.

In her first stint at the school, she became the third teacher-in-charge of the cross country team, when her colleague Ho Kiat Chong roped her in.

Said Sheikha: "Mr Ho, the main teacher- in-charge and coach of the team, saw my interest in running. He asked if I wanted to get involved and I agreed.

"However, I had to leave for NIE soon after. Even while I was attending NIE, I still came down on weekends to help out during trainings.

"I wanted to return to VS after NIE. And thanks to Mr Ho, who probably put in a good word for me, I returned in 2005."

Not long after Sheikha's return to VS, Ho entered his retirement year and was looking to pass on the baton.

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