Professor Low Ee Ling publishes a paper in Australian Journal of Teacher Education

Professor Low Ee Ling publishes a paper in Australian Journal of Teacher Education

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

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Professor Low Ee Ling, Chief Planning Officer and Professor at English Language and Literature Academic Group at NIE, has published a paper in the Australian Journal of Teacher Education entitled “Teaching as a Career Choice: Triggers and Drivers”. This paper was co-authored by A/P Ng Pak Tee, Associate Dean of Leadership Learning at NIE’s Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning as well as Policy and Leadership Studies; and Chenri Hui and Cai Li, both Research Associates at NIE.

Drawing data from the OER project “Building an Evidence-base for Teacher Education - Phase II”, the authors’ question of why people are drawn to teaching has been a focal research area. However, previous studies seem to centre on the traditional conceptualisations of intrinsic, altruistic, and extrinsic motivations as well as some other similar categorisations.

This paper attempts to discuss the issue from a different conceptual stance, proposing a distinction between the "triggers" and the "drivers". The influences on the motivation for joining teaching were explored through in-depth interviews with 26 student teachers. Results show that student teachers' motivations for joining teaching in Singapore may differ in important ways from that of their counterparts in other places. More importantly, the results highlighted differences between "triggers" and "drivers" as well as the inter-relatedness between them. Some practical implications are drawn for teacher education both within Singapore and internationally.