Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2011: Transforming Teaching, Inspiring Learning

Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2011: Transforming Teaching, Inspiring Learning

Monday, 30 May 2011

The opening ceremony of the largest educational research conference in Southeast Asia will be held at the Nanyang Auditorium, Nanyang Technological University on Monday, 30 May 2011. This year, we are pleased to welcome Mr S. Iswaran, Minister from Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs and Trade and Industry as Guest-of-Honour.

Organised by the National Institute of Education (NIE), the three-day biennial conference provides a global forum for practitioners, researchers, educational leaders and policy makers to interact and share leading-edge research and best practices across languages and cultures. Since its inception in 2005, it consistently offers a platform for some 1,400 scholars and practitioners to forge new and innovative directions in educational research and practices that may significantly impact the education system in Singapore and abroad.


The theme for the 2011 conference is “Redesigning Pedagogy: Transforming Teaching, Inspiring Learning”. Nearly 185 participants from some 24 countries─including Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, UK, USA and Vietnam ─ where a crucial issue that educators and researchers around the world are facing is how to implement new practices in schools.

For the first time, the conference will also feature an interactive symposium which showcases new initiatives or programmes implemented on a wider scale in institutions. One of these projects, “Voyage of Age to the Dinosaurs” (VAD), is based on linking ideas, experience, and contexts of our Earth in and out of the classroom, in which teachers and students collaborated with NIE’s Learning Sciences Lab (LSL) research team, led by Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor Beaumie Kim of NIE’s Learning Sciences Lab and Learning Sciences and Technologies Academic Group. VAD aims to find alternative ways of perceiving and understanding the Earth’s processes, how to immerse learners into the Earth’s dynamics, and how knowledge and activities in informal settings can be extended to schools in the Singapore context. This project started out as a game design project, which uniquely involved secondary students and teachers as design partners. Design workshops were conducted for teachers and students in order to reflect upon their current status of teaching and learning practices, to be introduced to emerging possibilities, and to tease out their creative ideas to lead teaching and learning innovations. In the process of conducting design workshops, the research team and teachers were able to create various hands-on activities that would help immerse students into ideas of Earth’s processes and dynamics; and at the same time they helped the VAD team to see what might work better with computer technology and other means. Singapore has been implementing new curricula, pedagogies, and assessments.

The Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference provides opportunities to bring together teachers, researchers, educational leaders, and policy makers to learn about new research, discuss educational policies and practices, and broaden professional networks throughout the region. Thus, teams of teachers, researchers, administrators, and policy makers are invited to propose special sessions that showcase and reflect how they have implemented new practices.

The research results conducted by NIE’s Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP) will also be shared at the conference. Details of the Opening Ceremony and the list of distinguished keynote speakers and address abstracts are available in Annexe A and Annexe B, respectively.


There are a significant number of papers presented by Singapore teachers. Besides the 170 papers presented by 1,070 teachers and officers from Ministry of Education, some teachers have co-authored papers with faculty from NIE, officers from the Ministry of Education and even teachers from other schools. In total, more than 380 papers will be presented in the form of keynote addresses, panels, individual presentations, workshops, symposia, special sessions and posters. The papers are categorised according to the following strands:

  1. Civic and moral education
  2. Cognition and Learning
  3. Curriculum Development
  4. Early Childhood Education
  5. Educational Policies and Practices
  6. Humanities and Social Studies
  7. IT in Education
  8. Language and Literacy Education
  9. Learning Sciences
  10. Mathematics Education
  11. Multiliteracies and Multimodalities
  12. School Change and Leadership
  13. Science Education
  14. Special Needs Education
  15. Student Performance and Assessment
  16. Teacher Professional Development
  17. Visual and Performance Arts
  18. Others


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