Seamless Science Learning Receives Coverage in MOE’s “Contact” Magazine

Seamless Science Learning Receives Coverage in MOE’s “Contact” Magazine

Thursday, 13 September 2018


Seamless Science Learning concept has recently received coverage on "Contact: The Teachers' Digest", Issue 30, page 8, published by the Ministry of Education.

Entitled "Lesson from NIE Research: Creative pedagogies in our education landscape" the write-up traces the research and pedagogical development trajectory of seamless science learning. It includes the description of a seamless lesson to exemplify how the formal science curriculum can be extended beyond the classroom to tap on authentic and social resources in advancing and deepening the learning of science concepts.

The issue can be viewed here: Contact

The Seamless Science Learning OER projects are led by Professor Looi Chee Kit and Dr Wong Lung Hsiang, Office of Education Research are listed below:

Streamlining the Designs of Seamless Science Learning for Wider Diffusion

LI-nterChange: Towards a Contextual- and Social-mediated Seamless Language Learning Practice with Multiple Learning Pathways

Towards a Seamless Language Learning Framework: Enculturating Learners to Practices of Bridging Language Learning Spaces Mediated by an Integrated Technology-transformed Learning Environment

MyCLOUD - A Seamless Chinese Language Learning Environment Leveraging on Ubiquitous Technology and the Construction of Mental Lexicon

A Mobile Assisted Language Learning Environment to Improve Primary School Pupils' Attitudes and Competencies in Chinese Proverb Learning and Writing