Seminar and Workshop for Pre-School Chinese Language Teachers 2017 held on 15 July 2017

Seminar and Workshop for Pre-School Chinese Language Teachers 2017 held on 15 July 2017

Tuesday, 01 August 2017

After several months of intense planning and preparation, the inaugural organization of the “Seminar and Workshop for Pre-School Chinese Language Teachers 2017” between ALC and MOE’s Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) at national level was successfully held on 15thJuly 2017.  We had an impressive turnout rate of over 860 pre-school teachers!
Pre-school event OpeningSpeech

Based on the theme ‘Learning Corner and Games’, this seminar cum workshop aimed to enhance the professional development of pre-school teachers as well as to provide a platform for scholars and practitioners of Pre-School Chinese language to communicate their thoughts and share their experiences.

The Guest-of-Honour, Ms Low Yen Ling, Chairman of CPCLL; Senior Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Education & the Ministry of Trade and Industry, specially complimented on the support and services rendered by ALC through the professional sharing, emceeing and running of the event.  

The professional sharing by ALC faculty members and students from the Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as an International Language (MATCIL) programme were as follows:

  • Interactive Storytelling through Handicraft — A Whole Language Approach Learning for Children by Associate Professor  Aw Guat Poh, Assistant Head/ALC-Chinese and students,  namely, Li Haotian, Liu Yandi, Wang Xue, Xia Bing, Zhang Li and Zhao Yi
  • Cultivating the Interest in Literacy Through Reading Picture Books- Children Reading Workshop by Dr Zhang Aidong, Dr Tan Ah Hong and Mdm Lim Tiew Ling
  • Pre-school Education of the Chinese Language as a Second Language- Learning Corner by Dr Luo Qingming and students,, namely, Li Xinping, Julia Wang, Rong Lichun, Gui Lin, Yang Yi Lin, Wang Yuren, Chen Jin and Cheng Gang

A 50-man strong support team comprising mainly of student volunteers from CLEAR Club, BA- Year 2, PGDE Pri & Sec Dec 2016 Intake and MATCIL ensured the smooth running of the event.  They took pride in performing their duties and supported one another cohesively.  Their efforts and contributions were highly complimented by the participants.

It was motivating to see so many participants expressing interest in the MATCIL programme especially after witnessing the engaging sharing by the MATCIL students.



It is definitely a great honour and accomplishment for ALC to be able to play an active role in promoting pre-school education.  We look forward to more collaboration with MOE in the near future. 

(Reported by Associate Professor Aw Guat Poh, Dr Choong Kok Weng, Dr Tan Kar Chun, Mdm Lee Chai Yen)





2017年学前华文教学研讨会Seminar for Pre-School Chinese Language Teachers 2017