Singapore schools to adopt Chinese mobile learning tool

Singapore schools to adopt Chinese mobile learning tool

Monday, 18 February 2013

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Singapore primary schools will next year adopt a Chinese language mobile teaching and learning tool to enhance lessons, language proficiency, and deliver new learning experiences for students.

My Chinese Language ubiquitous Learning Days, dubbed MyCLOUD was jointly developed by Nan Chiau Primary School (NCPS), National Institute of Education in collaboration with Microsoft Singapore, and Microsoft Research Asia.

The clan association Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan endorsed the group and MyCLOUD to be adopted into the curriculum of four schools under the clan association. They are Tao Nan Primary School, Ai Tong Primary School, Kong Hwa Primary School and Chongfu Primary School - will see MyCLOUD being adopted into their curriculum.

MyCLOUD features a personalised e-dictionary, Text to Speech reading which will read out words to show how the characters are pronounced and photo vocabulary whereby students can take images outside of class and construct sentences best caption the picture.

The social networking functions of the tool also allows students to engage in discussion and interacts with their classmates and teachers in Chinese as part of an effort to integrate real life use of the language into their learning.

The NCPS has gone to a successful pilot to integrate MyCLOUD in its learning environment, and will share its experience with the system with the four primary schools.

After the MyCLOUD pilot in the school, we observed that our students are now learning the Chinese Language in a different way, integrating and extending their learning activities to outside the classroom,” said Tan Chun Ming, principal of NCPS.

Tan also added that the school is now more self-directed in learning: “The students are able to better connect with the language skills they have picked up during lessons and apply them in real world scenarios.”

Launched in June 2012, the NCPS successfully incorporated MyCLOUD into the curriculum for Primary Three and Primary Four pilot classes. This year, all Primary Three students in the school will be able to access MyCLOUD on tablets during Chinese lessons as well as at home.

The NCPS has recently introduced the MyCLOUD platform to teachers from all four schools and will again organise a series of workshops to ensure the four schools can enhance lessons with full use of the features on MyCLOUD to deliver new learning experiences for students.

Also, the teachers from the four schools will attend lesson observations at the NCPS, and are expected to pilot MyCLOUD in their schools’ selected Primary Three classes in 2014.

This plan will help expand the total number of students learning Chinese using MyCLOUD to over 600.

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