SingTeach December 2016 – Assessment: To Measure is Not Enough

SingTeach December 2016 – Assessment: To Measure is Not Enough

Monday, 09 January 2017

Hui Yong for OER page
Recently, Singapore students came out tops in a global benchmarking test for math, science and reading in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). As we celebrate this success, we should also take the time to consider if quantitative measurements are enough to gauge a learner’s potential.

In the latest issue of SingTeach, Lecturer Dr Tay Hui Yong from the Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Academic Group at the National Institute of Education shares her thoughts on this, and more, in our Big Idea article.

To read more from our issue, simply access any of the links below.

Big Idea

>>  To Measure is Not Enough


>>  Inspiring Learning through Self-assessment

>>  Holistic Assessment in the General Music Programme


>>  Using Assessment as a Positive Tool

>>  Helping Students Write Quality Explanations


>>  The Evolution of Classroom Assessment

>>  On the Topic of Assessment

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