SingTeach December 2017 – The Wonders of Outdoor Education

SingTeach December 2017 – The Wonders of Outdoor Education

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

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With a renewed focus on outdoor education its benefits, this issue of SingTeach explores how outdoor educators are bringing learning beyond the classroom.  

In Outdoor Education for Today’s Youth, Guest Editor Professor John Wang from the Physical Education and Sports Science Academic Group at NIE and a group of outdoor educators weigh in on the importance of helping youth cultivate a love of nature and how to encourage them to get outdoors more often. The issue also features an interview with Teaching Fellow and outdoor enthusiast Dr Saravana Pillai who recounts his recent expedition to Mount Everest.


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Big Idea

>> Outdoor Education for Today’s Youth


>> Fostering a Sense of Place through the Outdoors

>> Creating Meaningful Outdoor Learning Experiences


>>  A Classroom Without Walls

>> Outside the Classroom, Into the Field

>> Nurturing Young and Confident Leaders


>> Paving the Way, Leading by Example

>> Equipped for Everests

Tit Bits

>> 3 Ways to Make Sports Day Engaging for Every Student

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