SingTeach Jan/Feb 2013: All about Assessment

SingTeach Jan/Feb 2013: All about Assessment

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

SingTeach is back with a brand new look and feel! We also have new article sections to better serve your reading needs:

  • Big Idea
    What’s the big idea behind the research or the practice? We make sense of key ideas that drive teaching and learning.
  • Research
    What does the latest research tell us, and why does it matter? We draw practical applications from current research in education.
  • Classroom
    How do the schools do it? In these school-based stories, we look at examples of evidence-informed practices and research in action.
  • People
    What do the experts say? We talk to veteran educators and specialists in the field.

The Jan/Feb issue is what many teachers have been asking for, and it’s All about Assessment! We explore the big “A” and find out why it’s important to get it right.

Big Idea
>> Assessment and Learning

Learning Beyond Assessments
Diagnosing Misconceptions through Assessment
Where Anonymous Feedback is Welcome
>> Using Feedback to Enhance Learning

Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) in Using Performance Tasks to Assess Learning

Former Associate Professor Lee Ong Kim in A Good Test 
“Chief of Confusion” John Seely Brown in Learning in a Changing World