SingTeach March 2016: Educational Equity

SingTeach March 2016: Educational Equity

Wednesday, 16 March 2016


The first issue of SingTeach of 2016 focuses on an important topic close to the hearts of those who care about students – educational equity. We look at how educators and researchers are working to ensure each student has a chance to thrive in school.

Assistant Professor Teo Tang Wee from the Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group is the Guest Editor of this March issue and shares about educational equity in Singapore in the Big Idea story.

A Chemistry teacher from NUS High School of Mathematics and Science, and Marshall Cavendish Education are featured in our Contributions section. If you wish to submit an article about education research and practice, please write to us at

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Big Idea
 Equity in Singapore Education

Inclusive Education for All Students
>> Confident Teachers Make for Confident Learners
>> Working with Parents to Support Students

 St Hilda's Secondary School and Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School in A Culture of Care
>> Pathlight School in Maximizing the Potential of Special Students

 Co-generating Possibilities in Classrooms

 International Students and Their Science Learning Experiences
>> Enhancing Educational Equity in Singapore

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