SingTeach March 2018 – Fostering Positivity and Meaning in Schools

SingTeach March 2018 – Fostering Positivity and Meaning in Schools

Thursday, 26 April 2018


Creating a positive environment is essential to students’ overall development. In this issue of SingTeach guest-edited by Dr Imelda Caleon and Dr Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan from the Office of Education Research at NIE, we feature voices from researchers, teachers and school leaders that resonate towards one common goal – to cultivate student well-being in schools.


The SingTeach editorial team is also happy to announce that the magazine has undergone a content and design revamp since its last one in 2012. The changes and additions to the new version of SingTeach are as follow:


1) Big Idea is now The Big Idea

2) Research is now Research in Action

3) Classroom is now Classroom Perspectives

4) (New!) Tip Bits: Bite-sized classroom tips for teachers

5) (New!) Snapshot: Infographics

6) (New!) In Their Own Words: Quotes from teachers/school leaders/policymakers pertaining to the theme of the issue.  


Read the Guest Editors’ Note and more from the issue below or download the PDF version here.


The Big Idea

>>  Guest Editors in Student Well-Being: What About It?


Research in Action

>>  Fostering Student Well-Being: A Purposeful Education

>>  Fostering Student Well-Being: Engaged Learning with Positive Teacher Language

>>  Fostering Student Well-Being: Nurturing Positivity


Classroom Perspectives

>>  Greenridge Primary School in A Culture of Positivity



>>  Positive parenting advocate Sha-En Yeo in Enable Youth to Thrive, Not Just Survive

>>  Principal of Westwood Primary School in Building a Flourishing School Community



>>  Create a Positive and Engaging Classroom in 5 Ways



>>  Find out how resilient you are in The Road to Resilience


In Their Own Words

>>  Three teachers in Fostering Well-Being in Learners



>>  Visualization as Means of Closing Expert-Novice Gap in Teaching


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