SingTeach Sep/Oct 2013: Inquiry in the Humanities

SingTeach Sep/Oct 2013: Inquiry in the Humanities

Wednesday, 04 September 2013

There has been talk of a decline of the Humanities in our technology-driven society, but is that truly the case? With a focus on inquiry-based learning in the new syllabuses, Humanities education in Singapore is, in fact, headed for exciting times.

The Sep/Oct issue of SingTeach looks at how inquiry-based learning works in the Humanities classroom and how it will help prepare our students for broader challenges in the 21st century.

Big Idea
>> Educating for the Future 

>> From the Field to the Geography Classroom
>> The Makings of History

>> Seng Kang Secondary School in A Learning Journey in Changi
>> Nan Hua High School in The World at Your Fingertips
>> NIE Lecturer Dr Kho Ee Moi and colleagues in The Big Picture in Social Studies
>> Five Humanities teachers from various schools in Teaching with Inquiry

>> Mr Fairoz Sugianto from Yuhua Secondary School, Ms Marilyn Lim So-San from CPDD/MOE and Dr Ho Li-Ching from NIE in A Conversation in Education: Practice, Research, Policy
>> Deputy Director of the Humanities Branch in CPDD/MOE Mrs Elaine Lim in Connecting Students to the World

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