SingTeach Sep/Oct 2014: Science Communication

SingTeach Sep/Oct 2014: Science Communication

Monday, 01 September 2014

SingTeach Sep/Oct 2014: Science Communication

To thrive in a world driven by technology and science, our students will have to be scientifically literate. They need content knowledge, but they will also need to understand and use the language of science.

Guest edited by Dr Tang Kok Sing of NSSE, the Sep/Oct issue of SingTeach focuses on how students read, write and talk in the Science classroom.

Also, this issue is our 50th! To celebrate this milestone, we’ll be holding a contest for readers in early October. More details to come on our Facebook page, so don’t forget to “Like” us!

Big Idea
>> Let's Talk (and Read and Write) Science 

>> Arguing to Learn
>> Finding the Right Words
>> A Literature Review of Science Communication 

>> Teachers from CHIJ (St Joseph's Convent) and Northbrooks Secondary School in Explaining Science PRO-fesionally
>> Si Ling Primary School in Articulation and Writing in Science

>> Dr Caroline Ho from ELIS, in The Importance of Effective Communication

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