SingTeach September 2015: Helping Math Learners

SingTeach September 2015: Helping Math Learners

Monday, 07 September 2015


The September issue of SingTeach focuses on how researchers and teachers are working to improve their understanding of Math learners and how they might help them learn better. 

NUS High School of Mathematics & Science Principal Dr Hang Kim Hoo contributed an article on his views about Math education in our Contributions section. If you wish to submit an article about education research and practice, please write to us at

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Big Idea
>> Understanding the Math Learner

>> Improving Mathematical Learning through MProVe
>> Metacognition in the Math Classroom
>> Motivating Students in Math 

>> Anderson Secondary in Metacognition for Students and Teachers
>> Yishun Secondary in Flipping Math Teaching and Learning
>> East Coast Primary in The Discoveries of Reflective Practice 

>> NUS High School of Mathematics and Science in Learning, Doing and Using Math

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