SingTeach September 2018 – Celebrating Our Educators

SingTeach September 2018 – Celebrating Our Educators

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Besides being passionate about teaching and adapting one’s teaching methods to students' diverse needs, at the heart of any good teacher is the care for the learner. In this issue of SingTeach guest-edited by Prof Low Ee Ling who is also Dean of Teacher Education, we highlight inspiring teachers who have changed the lives of their students, both within and beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Read the Guest Editor’s Note and more from the issue below, or download the printable PDF version here.

The Big Idea

>> Guest Editor explores the role of holistic development in today’s teaching and learning in Being a 21st Century Educator.

Research in Action

>> Dr Ng Ee Lynn, a Research Scientist with NIE’s Centre for Research in Child Development, is featured in Uplifting Preschool Teachers for Quality Preschool Education.

Classroom Perspectives

Woodgrove Secondary School teacher reflects on his 4-year journey as a teacher in On the Teaching Path.


>> Spectra Secondary School teacher shares her 20-year experience of being a teacher in The Journey to Becoming a Lifelong Educator.

Tip Bits

>> A Master Teacher for Educational Support at the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) provides tips on motivating and engaging low progress learners in Five Ways to Motivate Low Progress Learners.

In Their Own Words

>> Four scholars from the NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme share why they decided to embark on their teaching journeys in A Passion for Education.


Find out how to be an impactful teacher in What Makes a Great Teacher?.


>> Two teachers from Teck Ghee Primary School contribute an article on inquiry approach in Building Blocks for Inquiry: A Teacher’s Perspective.

>>A teacher from Raffles Girls’ School Centre for Pedagogical Research and Learning (PeRL)

shares the importance of feedback in Student Voices: Feedback that Students Want.

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