Systems in Place to Guide Teachers on Student Ties

Systems in Place to Guide Teachers on Student Ties

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

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Proper systems and processes are in place to guide teachers on appropriate behaviour when interacting with students.

Minister of State for Education Lawrence Wong said that teachers here are sufficiently briefed on the expected standard of conduct and the need to maintain proper relations with students.

These processes, he said, are in place from the beginning, when they enter the National Institute of Education (NIE), right up to when they graduate and are posted to their respective schools.

He was responding to queries from Mr Lim Biow Chuan, Member of Parliament for Mountbatten, yesterday.

"There are various platforms, guidelines (and) measures taken by the Ministry of Education, NIE and at the school level...and we do our best so that every teacher understands these," Mr Wong said.

Mr Lim had asked the ministry how it intends to ensure that student-teacher relationships are kept strictly professional, especially with more teachers giving out their mobile-phone numbers and adding their students on social-networking sites.

Mr Wong assured the House that, regardless of the growing number of teachers being recruited, the ministry will continue to come down hard on educators who behave inappropriately with their students.

"Such teachers will be subject to disciplinary action, which typically results in dismissal and debarment from future employment with the Ministry of Education," he said.

This stance will apply to anyone involved in the education process, including teachers employed by tuition centres as well as allied educators.

Mr Wong added that there will be a separate set of guidelines for students and parents, on appropriate behaviour between students and teachers.

"As long as they are stakeholders in the education process, we won't leave them out in making sure that these expectations, values and ethos are entrenched and widely proliferated," he said. 

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