Tamil through Social Networks

Tamil through Social Networks

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

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Associate Professor Seetha Lakshmi from Asian Languages and Cultures Academic Group and Miss Shamini Thilarajah, Instructional Designer,  from Centre for E-learning of the National Institute of Education jointly invented a teaching and learning approach to make the Tamil Language teaching and learning more interesting.

Last year at the National Institute of Education, trainees from Diploma in Education were given a new project work on this approach - using the social network facebook for their pedagogical module.

“Tamil teachers have to create many new teaching approaches. They could engage their students fully by developing Tamil learning through ICT," said  Dr Seetha.

Tamil trainee teachers Mr Arivinthan Ahwahday, 24, Ms Swathy Muralidharan, 20, Dr Seetha Lakshmi and Miss Shamini had shared their experiences with the Tamil teachers from America, Canada and Australia about this project work, which involved the trainees highlighting Indian customs, traditions and values practiced within their region and society through the social networking platform - Facebook. 

When Mr Arivinthan Ahwahday was given this project and told to select a role, he immediately decided to be an Indian Sculptor from Tamil Nadu, India. He chose this role as he had prior interest in the art of Indian sculpture. Through this role, he learnt a lot about the Indian sculptors and their contributions. 

However, Ms Swathy Muralidharan took a longer time in selecting the role as it was necessary that each character had to be unique and hail from a different country. After one and a half weeks, she decided to don the role of an Indian filmmaker. Ms Swathy also mentioned that student teachers have to put up a minimum of three posts each week. Gradually, this number increased to five or six due to the greater involvement and competition among the student teachers.

These student teachers hope to teach the Tamil Language to upper primary and secondary school students in a more engaging and interesting manner through the use of social networking sites; just like how they have learnt through this project.

Furthermore, Dr Seetha Lakshmi mentioned that a book, comprising the best posts, will be released by June 2012. She believes that this book will benefit teachers by enhancing the ways they teach the Tamil Language. 

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Picture caption: (From Left to Right) Mr Arivinthan Ahwahday, Dr Seetha Lakshmi, Miss Shamini Thilarajah and Ms Swathy Muralidharan sharing about their Facebook project related experiences to overseas Tamil teachers.

Source: Tamil Murasu Page 2 , sph