Teachers work in the way of love

Teachers work in the way of love

Thursday, 07 July 2011

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Tamil Murasu

Mr. Rajandaran Sinnappan said that love, patience and passion are three important characteristics to follow as a teacher of special education. During the Nanyang Technological University graduation ceremony held yesterday, he received a Diploma Certificate in the Special Education.

"When I finished my Diploma in Chemical Engineering, I applied to the Ministry of Education to take up teaching. I did not get a reply from them. As I was interested in teaching, I became a part-time tutor for some years," said Rajandaran who currently works as a teacher at Grace Orchard School.
The year 2008 was a turning point for Rajandaran, who was an engineer for over 20 years.

His company was involved in downsizing. While thinking about what to do next, an opportunity to do part-time teaching for special education students was presented to him. The task of teaching students with special needs was very much challenging as lessons need to be taught with patience and love.

After six months, Rajandaran decided to pursue his passion in teaching special education.

"Every child has an individual ability or talent. When the teacher brings out the talents of these special needs students, his satisfaction can never be measured,”Rajandaran said.

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