Three Teachers Awarded For Being Caring And Nurturing

Three Teachers Awarded For Being Caring And Nurturing

Tuesday, 08 May 2012

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SINGAPORE: Minister of State for Education Lawrence Wong has said that the real lesson teachers impart on students is not just the subject matter at hand, but the importance of perseverance and diligence.

Mr Wong was speaking to teachers who were honoured as exceptional role models on Tuesday at the ninth Caring Teacher Awards.

A teacher at Xinghua Primary School, Mdm Valerie Chee, doesn't believe in scolding or punishing her students when they do something wrong. Instead, she encourages them to self-reflect and face the consequences.

"Because I'm teaching foundation stream pupils so, many of them come to school with a huge emotional baggage. So for me, I feel that touching their hearts, moulding their character and making a difference in the lives is much more rewarding than just helping them excel in their studies," Mdm Chee shared.

She is one of three teachers who was presented a National Award for her commitment towards holistic development of students.

Allan Yeong, Northland Secondary School, said: "In order for them to be able to engage in their academic studies, students have got first of all to know that you show care and concern for them, and be interested in them. Once they are happy, once they are with you, and with themselves, they'll be able to cope more readily with their studies."

Ng Hong Peng, Anderson Junior College, said: "I had the good luck of being inspired by many caring teachers in the past so I think I want to follow up on their good work, aspire to become like them so hopefully, I can also help to guide some students and help them to do even better in life."

It's through such personal interactions that teachers leave their mark on students.

Mr Wong said: "Many years later, your students may not remember the exact facts, figures and problems you give them. But they will remember the resilience, critical thinking and problem solving skills they have actively applied in their school work. These are the skills they will need in future each time life presents them with something difficult or unexpected."

Mr Wong added caring teachers are the ones students work the hardest for, because they don't want to let these teachers down.

[The Caring Teacher Awards is a biennial event, jointly organised by NIE and ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, with support from Ministry of Education, Singapore]

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