Visit to NIE by Professor Christopher Chapman

Visit to NIE by Professor Christopher Chapman

Friday, 03 November 2017

The Office of Education Research (OER) hosted Prof Christopher Chapman, Chair of Educational Policy and Practice, University of Glasgow and Director of Policy Scotland from 25–27 September 2017. Prof Chapman’s research interests focus on the interaction between educational policy and practice, specifically in relation to the improvement of educational outcomes in disadvantaged settings.

During his visit, Prof Chapman presented at an OER-organised lecture at NIE. The lecture, titled “Leading within, between and beyond schools: Case of rethinking Educational Reform”, centred on rethinking the roles and relationships of the key actors within education and public services to improve outcomes for all children irrespective of their background.

Prof Chapman drew on examples of instructive practice from a range of development and research initiatives, and led the lecture from considering improvement in the classroom to the community and wider society. He used his insights and longstanding work to frame the context of the lecture, which related to the interests of the audience and actively engaged them in dialogue. This lecture attracted a turnout of around 60 attendees, which comprised NIE staff and pre-service teachers. 


Prof Chris Chapman delivering his lecture

During his visit, Prof Chapman also met with colleagues from the Corporate Research Office of Singapore’s Ministry Of Education, and engaged in discussions with NIE’s researchers, including those from the Policy and Leadership Studies Academic Group.  


Prof Chris Chapman with OER and CRPP Researchers