Faculty Development Scholarship (FDS)

  • The NIE Faculty Development Scholarship will sponsor outstanding candidates with the potential to assume senior academic leadership positions in NIE to pursue full-time doctoral studies overseas. Upon completion of their doctoral studies, candidates will return to serve as educators and academicians in NIE.

  • Applicants must

    • Be Singapore Citizens;
    • Have excellent academic records with very good Honours or Master degrees (or professional qualifications of equivalent standing) and relevant teaching experience.

    • The ability to conduct research, evidenced by conference presentations and research publications, will be considered favorably;

    • Preferably be below 30 years old with middle management experience; and

    • Have a passion to pursue a challenging career in academia

  • The scholarship is tenable for a period of three years. The scholarship will provide: 

    • Competitive monthly salary during the study period;

    • Two sets of economy class air tickets (one at commencement and completion of the doctoral study, and one to return to Singapore for data collection for the doctoral thesis);

    • Overseas maintenance allowance;

    • Settling-in allowance (at the commencement of the doctoral study);

    • Computer allowance (on reimbursement basis);

    • Thesis allowance (upon completion of doctoral study);

    • Tuition and other compulsory fees;

    • Conference and fieldwork grants (by application); and

    • Medical benefits in line with the Institute’s medical benefits scheme.

    Upon award of the scholarship, the scholar will serve a few months in NIE to gain institutional knowledge and get to know the academic environment before embarking on the doctoral studies.  Upon completion of doctoral studies, the scholar will be expected to serve in the professorial scheme.

    The scholar will be granted full-pay study leave of up to three years to pursue the doctoral studies. A scholar studying in the United States may be considered for a fourth year of sponsorship if the required minimum period of candidature is at least 4 years. No other types of leave will be provided during the study leave. 

    The scholar will be required to enter into a bond to serve the National Institute of Education for a period of five years as an employee upon obtaining the doctoral degree. 

    The Institute reserves the right to make revisions to the terms of scholarship as it deems fit.

  • Judicious Assessment for Learning 

    Existing scholarship and practice of formative assessment frames its definition(s) too broadly and liberally, permitting a diverse range of indiscriminate uses and incompatible agendas of ‘Assessment for Learning’. The Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Academic Group (CTL) seeks erudite and empathetic individuals who are willing to invest in requisite scholarship to develop expertise in judicious understandings and uses of formative assessment practices for learning. Applicants should possess:

    • An ability to grasp complex theories and contested discourse(s), identify salient issues, construct compelling argument, and exercise judicious acumen for weighing evidence supporting or rebutting scholastic claims and conventions.

    • Professional expertise/training in a field related to constructing argument and administering/averting consequences would be an asset. Individuals who are legally trained with experience in legal practice or judicial office would be preferred.

    For more information on the Curriculum, Teaching & Learning Academic Group, please refer to our webpage, or contact Associate Professor Kelvin Tan (L.L.B.) at

  • Applicants must complete the application form attached and submit it with the supporting documents to the following address:

    Human Resource Department
    National Institute of Education
    4th Storey, Administration Building
    1 Nanyang Walk
    Singapore 637616



    Please submit the following supporting documents together with the application:

    • Curriculum Vitae (which should include academic qualifications, employment history, scholarships & awards ,contributions to education and the education system of Singapore as a teacher-educator, publications, teaching records, research grants;

    • A succinct write-up (2 pages) on the research topic which you intend to pursue;

    • A succinct write-up (4 pages) on your commitment and interest in the area of study applied for and the expected contribution to NIE, schools and the Singapore education system;

    • All relevant educational certificates including GCE ‘O’ & ‘A’ level certificates, polytechnic diploma, university transcript and degree scroll;

    • Letters for scholarships, prizes, other awards, memberships in academic & professional societies;

    • National Registration Identity Card; and

    • Latest payslip.

  • Shortlisted applicants will attend an interview where they will be assessed on their suitability for the scholarship.

  • The closing date is 4 July 2017.