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National Library Board Activity: iremembermySchoolDays

Text and image by National Library Board Singapore

Share with us your memories of school days!

Have you experienced memorable moments where seemingly insignificant incidents turned out to be gems of lessons that propelled your passion in teaching? Here is an insightful excerpt from "A Humbling Lesson":

'I received my first posting to a neighbourhood school in 1993. Pampered for seven years in a premier school, I dreaded my first day at this new school. "Lai-liao! Lai-liao!" came shouts from my class as I approached. I wasted no time laying down the class rules….

Once, I attempted to discipline some students I had caught smoking in the toilet, but was unable to prove it. Junyi taught me what to do. "Smell their breath, or smell their fingers, 'Cher. Sure can catch one! Smell clothes no use." I have since learnt that teachers in neighbourhood school don't just teach, they also learn, for God will inevitably use illogical creatures, called teenagers, to confound complacent or presumptuous teachers.'

iremembermySchoolDays, part of the irememberSG initiative, is a collaboration between MOE Heritage Centre and the National Library Board. The aim is to add to the collection of stories from the teaching fraternity. These can then be shared through platforms like Facebook ( or the blog. Teachers can also contribute stories via This is part of the larger national project – the Singapore Memory Project, to collect, preserve and provide access to memories and stories related to Singapore. "A Humbling Lesson" contributed by the MOE Heritage Centre is one example of such stories. There are activities to reach out to schools in the coming months. So keep a lookout for it!

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