July 2008 No. 65


Game-based Learning in Age of Digital Media Culture

By Assoc Prof Chee Yam San, Learning Sciences & Technologies Academic Group & Learning Sciences Lab

On 24 April 2008, Assoc Prof Chee Yam San (Learning Sciences Laboratory) led a sharing with Leaders in Education Programme participants on the topic Game-based Learning in the Age of Digital Media Culture. After the initial presentation, the participants were given the opportunity to experiment with two games developed by the Learning Sciences Laboratory. They also discussed the implications of Space Station Leonis (below) in helping students better understand responsibilities related to citizenship within the broader context of National Education. Escape from Centauri 7, a multiplayer game dealing with the dynamics of charged particles, allows students to engage in scientific inquiry to hypothesize, test, and affirm or disaffirm their intuitions regarding the phenomena that prevail in the game world.

International visitors to Nanyang Technological University’s Interactive and Digital Media International Workshop were also treated on 28 April 2008 to a special preview of these two games at the Nanyang Executive Centre.