Oct 2008 No. 66

Editor's Say

It gives me great pleasure to serve as guest editor of the NIE News October 2008 issue and reflect on what’s in this issue.

In terms of collaborations (local and global), NIE continues to forge ahead. Locally, NIE and MOE will jointly set up the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) to strengthen Singapore’s Chinese language capabilities. The signing between NIE and Boston College (BC) will allow our degree student teachers to spend up to a year abroad for coursework at the BC’s Lynch School of Education. It also gives them the opportunity to do a practical stint abroad. This experience is likely to broaden the horizons of our student teachers and expose them to a different educational setting.

Awards and accolades continue to pour in for NIE faculty both in terms of service (National Day Awards) and research from international professional bodies.

What is especially noteworthy in this issue is how strong our student teachers are as NIE’s global ambassadors. We see increasing participation of our student teachers as presenters in international student conferences dealing in wide-ranging global issues such as challenges of poverty, peace, security and environmental degradation and energy management. This interest and awareness of global issues is something we want to continue to foster in our student teachers.

Life on campus of course continues to be vibrant with a host of international distinguished visitors and such signature events as the NIE Director’s Race.

Now all that’s left for me to say is thank you to all NIE staff and student teachers for your contributions to this issue and to wish everyone a pleasant read!

Your friendly guest editor, Assoc Prof Low Ee Ling Sub-Dean, Degree Programmes October 2008