October - December 2017 | Issue 101

Cosmopolitan Learning For A Global Era: Higher Education In An Interconnected World (E-Book)

Author: Sarah Richardson Pages: 174 A thousand years ago, cosmopolitan education was reserved for the elite who preserved the bureaucracy of power. Today, there are 200 million students who are enrolled in higher education globally. However, student mobility, a multicultural student body and international curricula are not tantamount to cosmopolitanism. Richardson discusses how higher education […]

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Better Teachers, Better Schools: What Star Teachers Know, Believe And Do

Editors: Valerie Hill-Jackson and Delia Stafford Pages: 207 Defined as the outstanding minority, “Star” teachers are able to transform learning for diverse, at-risk students, and thrive even in malfunctioning schools. What distinguishes “star” teachers from “quitters and failures”? Tapping on five decades of educational and teacher training research, renowned educator, Martin Haberman identified seven broad […]

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