October - December 2017 | Issue 101


Dr Wealth

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BigFatPurse is a group of Singaporeans who are extremely interested in investments and aims to increase the financial literacy of the man on the street.

It all started with Alvin. In 2007, Alvin’s parents had to sell their house because they were unable to afford the mortgage payment. The cause of the unfortunate situation was their parents’ lack of financial literacy. Since then, he along with the rest of Big Fat Purse work towards the aim of raising the financial literacy of the working adult.

There is a social stigma about financial education — those who cannot invest profitably, teach. We want to erase this bad name and redefine financial education. Financial education should be practical and truthful. If it is difficult to make money without taking certain risks, we must have the integrity to tell people the truth.

We do this through our ‘Value Investing Mastery’ course, pro-bono corporate talks and useful finance and investing articles at www.bigfatpurse.com

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