October - December 2017 | Issue 101


NIE News on MOA
signing with
Queen University

From left: Ms.Nadya Allen, International and Marketing Manager; Ms Tammy O’Neil, Practicum Manager;Dr Don Klinger, Acting Associate Dean,Graduate Studies and Research;Professor Rebecca Luce-Kapler, Dean, Faculty of Education; Associate Professor Ivy Tan, Associate Dean, Practicum and Partnerships; Associate Professor Eddy Chong, Assistant Dean, Postgraduate Diploma in Education and Dr Liying Cheng, Acting Associate Dean,Graduate Studies and Research

Canada Welcomes NIE Undergraduates

The National Institute of Education (NIE) has signed the Memoranda of Agreement (MoA) with Queen’s University. Queen’s University, NIE’s first Canadian partner, is one of Canada’s oldest degree-granting institutions. Queen’s University has influenced Canadian higher education since 1841 when it was established by the Royal Charter of Queen Victoria.

With the signing of the MoA, NIE welcomed Queen’s University as its 15th partner university in support of NIE’s enhanced Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Education programmes — four-year immersive degree programme that integrates the best of an academic degree with a good foundation in the field of education.

Partner universities help provide placements for student teachers during two key initiatives of NIE’s degree programme — international practicum and semester exchange. Through these overseas stints, we hope to broaden our student teachers’ knowledge of teaching and learning, and add a global dimension to their perspectives on education and the education system. The ultimate goal is for student teachers to develop intomore global-minded and culturally-sensitive individuals. Starting August 2018, NIE will begin to send its first cohort of up to four student teachers to Queen’s University.

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