October - December 2017 | Issue 101


Tailor-made Learning
Journeys for You

In an attempt to provide teachers with increased autonomy and pathways on their journey of lifelong learning, the Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL) has revised four of its existing Advanced Diploma programmes. This allows courses in these programmes to be offered on a stackable basis. The in-service programmes are:

1. Advanced Diploma in Primary English Language Education
2. Advanced Diploma in Primary Mathematics Education
3. Advanced Diploma in Primary Science Education
4. Advanced Diploma in Teaching Early Primary School Years

From July 2017 onwards, courses on these programmes are stackable towards an advanced diploma qualification. Teachers can now sign up for any courses within these programmes, in whichever area that they see a particular need for knowledge and skills upgrading. This can be done at their own convenience, taking into account their work commitments.

Teachers who have completed the full suite of stackable courses can seek accreditation into the relevant advanced diploma qualification. A unique feature of these programmes is the inclusion of a final course that is akin to a capstone or professional portfolio. This final course provides teachers with the opportunity to synergise the learning from previous courses in the programme and demonstrate their understanding of the theory-practice nexus.

With these learning opportunities available, teachers now have the flexibility to customise their professional development to meet their needs at any given time, and still get the option to have their learning recognised.

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