October - December 2017 | Issue 101

When pieces of the earth’s plates collide and meet in a massive party of energy, mountains are formed! Majestic formations that rise above the earth and head to the clouds.

This October issue our journey to the clouds is vested through our Director’s address showcasing our accolades and summons for the future ahead. From our conquest of Everest to our steep ascent with innovative 21st Century pedagogy, NIE is clearing the monticules to arrive at the peak!

Amongst the other peaks we see formed in this October issue, NIEWS would like to recognise the 14 outstanding staff members who received National Day Honours at the recent 52nd celebration and we get to meet Valedictorian Aaron Lim, Cheak Yen Hui and School leader, Flora Ong as we learn of their rise and evolution.

NTU has also established the Lee Sing Kong (LSK) Endowment Fund, LSK Professorship in Early Childhood and LSK Bursary Award in memory of our late Director to help underprivileged students build ‘mountains’ through overseas immersion programmes.

I do hope you enjoy this month’s NIEWS, whilst we have grown many mountains before, there are many more to be made. Put your hands on the floor and feel the ground, there is much movement happening beneath.

— Paul Lincoln