October - December 2017 | Issue 101


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Since joining Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA) two year ago, undergraduates from the National Institute of Education have benefitted from the opportunities and exposure of Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) URECA Programme.

On 24 March 2017, NIE student teachers showcased their work at the ‘Discover URECA @ NTU Poster Exhibition and Competition’. Here, apart from displaying their posters, they shared and presented their research findings to the faculty as well as fellow undergraduates. Nur Ardillah Binti Zulkifli, a Bachelor of Education Teaching Scholar Programme (TSP) student teacher from the July 2015 intake won second prize in the Humanities Category. Her research project entitled ‘Malay literary works of female writers in Singapore and Malaysia as educational text’ was among the 22 posters that competed for prizes in the Humanities Category.

Nur Ardillah shared that URECA gave her “the opportunity to delve into a topic and explore issues” that she had “immense passion and interest in”. With the guidance of her supervisor who has expertise in the field of study, she felt “more driven to acquire knowledge and research skills”.

Her URECA journey has helped her develop a broader perspective of her topic of interest and she has gained more awareness in the process. Although challenging, with the help of her supervisor Dr Sa’eda Bte Buang, Nur Ardillah was able to tailor her project to work with the available resources and within the timeframe.

In addition, the poster by Chng Huiru, Denise, a Bachelor of Education Teaching Scholar Programme (TSP) undergraduate impressed the crowd with her work entitled ‘Examining the teaching of vocabulary: Teachers’ implementation of the STELLAR Programme’. A project that was supervised by Dr Loh Kok Kiang Jason, Denise’s project received the highest number of popularity votes in the Humanities category.

Reflecting on her journey, Denise said, “URECA has been a long and arduous, yet thoroughly enriching and enjoyable journey for me. The programme offered me many opportunities to gain exposure to research, hone these skills and interact with passionate scholars in the same academic field.”

NIE undergraduates have indeed benefitted from the opportunities and exposure of NTU’s URECA Programme. We are very pleased to announce that this year, 78 NIE students have been invited to participate in Academic Year 2017/2018’s URECA.

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