October - December 2017 | Issue 101


Seeing The World
Through The Artistic
Eyes Of The Young

Recognising the creative potential of young artists, the UN Assembly, on the initiative of UNESCO, conceived the world project “The Children are Painting the World” in 1999. It was supported by the A.Kasteyev School of Fine Arts and Technical Design (and) which is based in Central Asia, with young artists from the region participating in workshops on the culture of peace and tolerance, global art education and art master classes.

This gave birth to 18 years of cultural exchange and creative experiences, which have contributed to protecting cultural heritage and promoting sustainable development. The artworks of more than 60, 000 young artists have been catalogued in the annual publication of their creations.

In 2016, the project expanded to the Asia-Pacific region, drawing children aged between 3 and 17 years from new participating countries such as Bangladesh, China, India, Japan, Mongolia, Nepal, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam. This enhanced intercultural dialogue and understanding, supported and developed young talents, thereby strengthening and extension of cultural ties between the young generations of the region.

NIE was honoured to host the travelling The Children are Painting the World exhibition from 14 to 18 August 2017 at the NIE Art Gallery. Jointly organised by the Visual Performing Arts Academic Group and UNESCO-CARE, the exhibition showcased 37 artworks by young artists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

From Singapore, the exhibition moved to its next stop at the Korea Arts & Culture Education Service in Seoul, Korea.

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